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** ABOUT US **

Rakam Label, which continues its rapid growth since the year 1995 until today, is amongst the leading label producers of
Turkey. “ÖZ-EL Group of Companies” owns the largest facilities of Turkey, in terms of turnover and capacity. Within the textile accessories sector, we are exporting to more than 18 countries and have Oeko-Tex and ISO 9000 certifications.
Rakam Label is a wholly and subsidiary of the ÖZ-EL Group of Companies. Integrated in one location the operations are renowned as one of the elite production facilities of Turkey, producing knitted label, stamped label, cartoon label, serigraphy, and jakron label. Our facility has all business functions under one roof, where graphic, design and
production functions are brought together in one location. Our whole machine park is controlled with machines, built with the latest technology.
Together with our awareness that the power which keeps our production facilities alive, is our qualified human resources and we are continuously working to offer products and services to you with internationally recognised quality standards, through our expert production staff and professional marketing team.